WIN.fbg Event – Are We Generation AI?

Presented at the April 11th, 2023 meeting of the @win.fbg – Women’s Innovation Network in Fredericksburg, TX.

Thank you to all the wonderful women who volunteered to setup the event and to those who came to have a conversation about AI and ChatGPT. We can’t wait to see the great things you do with ChatGPT and other forms of generative AI.

We are happy to share the slides and links from the presentation by Jonti Bolles showcasing some of the Applications, Benefits, and Challenges of AI.

The AI and ChatGPT TOpics included:

  • What is AI and Glossary
  • Concerns for Development
  • How is AI Different than other Technology Advances
  • Impact on Industries and Small Business
  • How to Use Chat Tools / Prompts
  • Navigating Challenges
  • Impact Readiness for Business
  • What’s Next
  • Resources and Educational Links

Presentation Slides

Download PDF File – Are We Generation AI?