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PPC Marketing and Ad Management to grow your business

Google Adwords and paid campaigns are integrated with digital marketing strategies.

Competition is growing. Using your budget wisely is more important than ever.

Pay Per Click, or PPC┬áis digital advertising delivered via the web, devices, and apps to prospective customers. Since the advertiser does not pay until there are clicks on an ad, it is often called “pay per click.” A smart PPC strategy aligned with marketing goals brings profitable sales leads to your company.

Today’s paid advertising is a very efficient use of a marketing budget. We build ads that are targeted to searcher intent and delivered only to geographic and demographic areas that match your target audience.

WHO Digital campaigns and strategies follow strict guidelines to match your goals and budget.

We study innovative trends and evaluate them against performance strategy to deliver the best mix of advertising placement for your specific goals.

WHO Digital Strategy – We build online ad campaigns for Top Results

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We have a long and steady history of listening to you (our clients) and treating your budget like it was our own. WHO Digital Strategy doesn’t stop there. Whether it is donor and brand acquisition for non-profits or product sales and lead generation for business, we build a unique solution for your paid advertising campaigns.

We focus on conversion actions and goals instead of just clicks or awareness. Our strategies are built on years of experience with Google campaigns and we provide best-in-class oversight.

Google AdWords, Bing, Quora, and other partners provide an opportunity for cost-per-click (CPC) search ads, display, video, and targeted ad solutions. We maintain our certifications as a Google Partner Agency in good standing.

What do PPC Services include?

We set up, maintain, and audit paid search campaigns that bring you the leads you want.

  • Keyword Research that gets results
  • Account Structure for audience targeting
  • A/B testing of Ads
  • Budget Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Over 20+ management tools for quality score, impression share, and more

What Types of Ad Campaigns Get The Best Results?

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Each audience is different and you can expect different results from campaign and channel types. Here are a few successful campaigns to reach your audience along their journey to becoming a paying customer.

Search Network Ads

One of the most popular types of campaigns, place ads at the top of a page when people are directly Searching for a product or service. These can be controlled by geography, audience, and most importantly, what “not” to show up for so your money goes only to qualified searches.

Remarketing Ads

Reaching prospects in all stages of the buying journey is possible with retargeting in traditional search networks, display, and social media networks.

Lead Generation

From B2B advertising to build your brand to supporting your latest product launch, reaching and converting a visitor to a lead is what counts. A typical business lead uses nearly ten online sources of info and research before calling or filling out a contact form. We work in all stages of the lead generation funnel to build your exposure. We work with landing page design and conversion rate optimization to balance quality scores and help maximize each visit or brand mention.

Mobile Targeted Responsive Ads

Call-Only and app-driven campaigns are designed to reach users on their devices. There is a whole new way of digital marketing on the horizon including wearables, beacons, and searches without browsers. Are you ready? We will reach your audience when it counts.

Social Media Advertising

Finding your posts disappearing in the noise? We focus on audience segments to promote campaigns and raise awareness of your brand. Matching the right message to the audience cuts through the noise. We curate new audiences with targeted messages in text, photos, and video.

Google Grant Management for NonProfits

Receive from $10,000 to $40,000 a month of in-kind advertising in AdWords, Google Apps, Mapping and more for your eligible nonprofit. We appreciate the mission and focus of nonprofits and associations and help guide you through the process of applying and utilizing your grant to achieve results to grow your reach, brand awareness and be found online in competitive searches.

Quora, Bing, and Other Services

Paid Search for B2B and eCommerce is integrated into digital and online lives. Reach customers where ever they are (and especially where your competitors are not). We design marketing strategies that fit your business goals.

Geo Targeted PPC Marketing Services – We set up and Manage Local, National, and International Campaigns

Small companies and large multi-nationals can compete successfully in Pay Per Click markets no matter the budget. Segmentation tools allow us to manage your Pay Per Click budget by demographics, by geography down to the neighborhood, by spending habits, and retarget via multiple devices.

Whew, that’s a lot, but gives us the flexibility to create your unique campaigns to drive profits.

Contact WHO Digital Strategy to discuss your PPC Marketing budget, how to best determine your cost per acquisition, and how to get started with advertising.

How Much Does PPC Management Cost?

  • Full audits of account structure, bidding strategy, conversion actions, quality score improvements, budget preservation, and more. Pricing is based on account size and history.

Every campaign is unique and we won’t manage each marketing strategy the same. We do provide a consistent and targeted approach to your campaigns.

Some established brands only need brand-based defensive campaigns, others are growing their eCommerce business with Shopping Ads, and still, others are focused on national coverage in competitive B2B markets and need consistent, measurable lead generation. Each of these requires different resources and budgets.

A large multi-national campaign requires more resources than a highly targeted local Search campaign. Campaigns are quoted individually and may include a percentage fee based on ad spend depending on the complexity of the accounts and channels.

* Account ad spend is not part of our fee structure.

PPC Management Transparency

We set up or begin managing each account providing the client with Admin access. We believe clients should own their accounts and be able to login at any time. Any and all ad costs are charged directly to the client’s credit card. We do not benefit from any markup nor do we hold any accounts as Owners.