Increasing Website Authority with Strategic Keyphrase Content Gaps

The Problem:

A new entry in the mental healthcare market needed to find a path to increase the authority of the website.  With limited resources, they needed an organic strategy for high-value pages of unique content positioned for increasing inbound links and organic traffic.

The Solution:

Our Search Opposition to Benefit (SOB) analysis identified key content gaps in larger competitor websites. We studied much larger websites with high-ranking SEO to discover gaps in search volume that visitors were looking for and not currently finding on the internet. We developed a custom strategy including content topics, key phrases, and content briefs built to fill-in the gaps where the client could truly shine by developing unique content. 

The Results:

By carefully selecting promising topics and the client’s SME crafting content from the briefs to maximize search engine optimization, White Hat Ops and the client were able to partner and create optimized content to fill in the gaps of their competitors, thus drawing a 2,400% increase in organic search traffic between March and December of 2020. 

New Content Published To Target Strategic Gaps Missing On Larger, More Established Competitor Sites.


With the increased domain traffic and authority, the website in the mental healthcare space is now better positioned to further develop search engine optimization maps and rank on topics that are more difficult and directly compete on high-value topics.

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