WHO Digital Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing is YOUR new Online strategy, or is it?

We work with your marketing teams to define the exact content on your site that needs optimization and aggressively go after it. In a competitive market? A gap analysis can find the missing content you need to publish to outrank your competitors.

WHO Digital Strategy can support your team with SEO driven content maps, content refresh and rewrites, content briefs for new articles, and a full content strategy that makes sense to you and search engines.

Curious if AI can improve your content or positions?

We have been working with AI since 2020 and have the software and processes in place for human edited, fact-checked, tone appropriate articles and and pages.

Our data driven Content Gap Analysis determines exactly the topics and subjects you are missing based on your current position vs competitors. If 3 or 4 of the main brands that are beating you in Search have articles about topics and you don’t, we identify them and prioritize the content needed based on SEO Traffic Forecasts.

Spreadsheet of content gap analysis from WHO Digital

We know that SEO just for traffic and engagement doesn’t build your business. Content has to perform.

Content Marketing is part of an overall digital strategy. Depending on your stage of growth and your audience, you may focus on content gaps and long-form content to build a robust site bringing visitors every day. You may want to include PPC (Paid-Per-Click) advertising to capture people ready to find your exact services at the time they are searching. We provide a custom strategy based on years of experience with proven processes and deliver solutions built for your business.

Content Marketing is based on strong search engine marketing tactics. It is the broader approach to creating strong digital content your targeted audience can use to make decisions and stay informed. When they have a question or need help, you want to be the first answer they find and trust.

We create your content marketing strategy based on:

  • Analyzing your target audience
  • Defining the messages and questions where they need answers
  • Target your buyers and decision makers higher in their conversion funnel
  • Create organic and natural content placement
  • Monitor channels for lead and cross-channel context

SEO is important, we can build it into high-value digital content and branding.

Managing Search Engine Optimization is a table stake for your organic growth. It hasn’t gone away, in fact it continues to advance technically. Search engines expect every business to know the web guidelines and follow them. But, we want to help you stay ahead of the game.

Find and reach your newest customers and increase their lifetime value with early stage awareness. We focus on creating relevant and valuable content that is a real resource for your audience. We don’t create content just to hit publish based on how often someone said you should be in front of your market. We focus on creating content your potential customers find valuable, and helping develop evergreen, well optimized content that can meet your goals for profitability. Creating topical authority and delivering on the promise of schema and entities, we can improve the authority of your site.

We use current analytics to track your buyer’s metrics, set new cross-channel KPI’s, and focus on consumable content that leads new customers to you from multiple channels. We can clearly show your performance improvements.

Want to know more about the Content Marketing competitive advantage? Contact WHO Digital Strategy for more details.