Google Penalty Recovery

Where did all the web traffic go? Do I have a Search or Spam penalty against me?

Have you noticed a change in your high traffic and strong leads from your website? Concerned about algorithm changes impacting your site?

Maybe you worked with a ‘linking expert’ in the past who promised stellar results. Maybe you had an overzealous content writer who put out new content daily that wasn’t as useful or thorough as it could have been. Whatever the reason may be, you either know or suspect you have been penalized in the Google Search Engine Results.


Lost Traffic. Know If it Is Structural or Algorithm Updates

It isn’t magic or mystery. We can help forensically audit your website and determine a new course of action.

Growing and maintaining traffic is hard work and requires unwavering attention to consistent SEO guidelines. We have helped new clients restructure from bad practices and have their spam penalty removed. They then experience a consistent, steady climb back into search rankings. You work hard to build your business, we work hard to recover your business.

We offer a thorough review of inbound links (backlinks), account structure, crawl budget, on-page, and off-page optimization and then if needed, a plan to regain lost rankings. We work with you to determine what natural and quality links and content are part of your long term strategy and meet our strict guidelines.

White Hat Ops provides both Technical SEO Audits and actionable content strategy recommendations. We guide you through website structure and authority updates to make sure your pages are considered valuable and useful.

We have helped business and industrial companies regain steady and stable organic search traffic, we can help you. Contact White Hat Ops for an evaluation of your website traffic and options for recovering from Google Algorithm Updates.